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Elect Delmarina López for Ward 3 City Councilor

Delmarina López, Esq., has spent a lifetime building up her local community through her board engagement, neighborhood outreach, and service as a sounding board for those whom she represents.

"The residents of Ward 3 deserve to be represented by a councilor who will zealously advocate for their needs; I believe that I am the right candidate for this task."

Delmarina López

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Key Issues

All too often, we get trained in patience and in waiting. We wait to meet a leader who understands us or we wait for a proposal we have spent countless hours on to be approved or we wait for businesses and corporations to reprioritize their spending. But what if we didn’t wait? The following section highlights my stance on key issues that can accelerate change.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Deliberate inclusion initiatives can be beneficial to local governments for many reasons, including better decision-making that represents all communities and reduces the likelihood of unintentional bias and blind spots.

Transparency in Politics

It’s not enough and as continue moving through this pandemic and beyond, we need to be able to trust in our city government and know that they’ll provide useful, accessible information for everyone in Ward 3 and all of Chicopee.

Infrastructure & Public Works

We need to stop putting off necessary work in Ward 3 and Chicopee as a whole. The new bike path along the river was constructed with too little public input and residents have serious concerns that aren’t being addressed.

Small Business Development

Small businesses are the backbone of our city growth and they help us keep our community thriving and diverse. We need to make sure the City Council stands by our local businesses as they make their way through a post-COVID world.

Vaccinations & Post Covid Recovery

COVID-19 is having unprecedented economic, business, and social impacts on all industries. Local governments will need new, forward-thinking approaches for the recovery of their economies.

Essential Services & Youth Programs

Let’s keep working on strengthening city services such as snow removal, Senior Centers, and youth programming. We need to focus on finding more resources to support the work that teachers do every day.

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